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Why was the Apple Company called 'Apple'

because they like 'apple' more than 'orange'

Which computer company produces the Macintosh?
A company called apple there site is website A company called apple there site is website

When did mac become apple?
Apple never was Mac and is still Apple Computer company. The original computer was called an Apple computer and the company became Apple. Later they made the Macintosh model computer

Why is the emblem on an iPhone an apple?
The iPhone is designed by a company based in California called Apple. Apple was originally named apple in the 1970's because Isaac Newton discoverd gravity when an apple fell on his head. The company logo is the outline if an apple with a bite taken out of it.

Why can't the Apple computer company ship to a freight forwarder?
There is no Apple Computers anymore they are just called Apple Inc now

Is apple the computer brand?
Apple is a company that makes a brand of computer called Macintosh which are often referred to as Macs or Apple Macs.

Real or fictional name a famous person assoicated with an appple?
The Beatles started their own company in 1968 and called it Apple Corps. The company logo was a Granny Smith apple.

Who developed APPLE computers?
Steve jobs idiot and yes its Steve jobs it was called the Macintosh and then they called it mac for short and that's why we have mac and apple today and mac and apple are the same company. there's your answer.

What is Steve Jobs doing now?
He Is running the company called Apple as a CEO as he was also co-founder of apple. He died

Where is apple Macintosh Head office?
Macintosh is the product. The company is called Apple Inc. Apple Inc. Headquarters is at: 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, California

When Steve Jobs left apple what company did he join?
He created a new company called NEXT which later made Pixar

When did Steve Jobs leave apple for the first time?
Steve Jobs left Apple inc. in 1985 and started a company called NeXT.

Why is Apple called apple?
Actually Apple Computer Inc. Started with logo Of Isaac Newton under a tree and An Apple Falling on his head...........then The Company Started Selling First PC name "Apple" from there it got its Name..................

When was the very first apple laptop made?
The first Apple mobile computer was called "DynaMac" and was released in 1987. Unlike today's Apple laptops, the DynaMac weighed up to 24 pounds and was sold through a company called Dynamic.

Is there a computer that has a brand of apple?
Yes, there is a computer that has a brand of Apple...for example, the apple company have made a computer called the Apple Mac, this is a great computer which I recommend for many people. Hope I Helped Xx ;) 3

Who is founder of Apple mac?
Steve Wozniak, Steve JobsThey were the founder of the computer system but not the name. The Beatles already had the company called Apple Corps Ltd in 1968, and the Logo of the Apple.

Who makes the apple iPad?
A company called Foxconn (owned by Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd), from Tiawan, manufacturs the Apple iPad.

When did they invent the apple company?
The Apple company was founded in 1976.

How was apple founded?
Bill Gates ate an apple and called Steve Jobs and let him know that apple would be a good name for a company. Luckily Gates' good friend, Steve, was a genius. So he created a multi-billion dollar making company by selling apples.

Who is the parent company of Apple?
Apple does not have a parent company. It is a parent company, which is a large company that owns smaller companies.

When was the apple company created?
the apple company was created in the year 1987 by me!

What the name of the company that created apple computers?
Apple MAC Company

Who did The Beatles record with?
they produce with more than one company...the british one is called parlophone, and their own company, apple. the American one was capitol. their English producer is called george martin

In what country was apple founded?
The Apple Record Company was founded in England. The Apple Computer Company was founded in the USA.

Did the apple device company create appstore?
Yes, galaxy a40 huawei honor 20 antutu score score the Apple computer company created the Apple app store.

What did Steve jobs do after he got fired from apple?
He started a new company called NeXT Computer, which was later bought by Apple. He also bought Pixar from George Lucas.

When did the company apple get started?
The Apple company was started on April 1, 1976.

When was Mountain Apple Company created?
Mountain Apple Company was created in 1974.

What happened to Steve Jobs after he was fired?
He sold his shares in Apple and started a new company called NeXT computer. He also invested in the film company Pixar.

Is Apple Computers a public or private company?
APPLE is a publicly traded company New Name Apple Computers has changed its name to Apple, Inc., a publicly-traded company listed on NASDAQ (AAPL). APPL Apple Computer is VERY much a public company. Their stock symbol is APPL.

Is apple a software company?
Apple is not a software company.... its uses software which are built by outer source... and Apple integrates it with its device..

Why in iCarly do they have computers with pears?
Actually their computer is called an iPear (it has a pear on the back. the same with the phone). They also have an iPhone with a pear on the back and it's called a pear phone but its really an Apple computer just with a pear sticker on it. They came up with this model of an Apple laptop, phone, and computer because the company & show would have to pay a lot of money...

What company manufactures desktops called iMacs?
iMacs are designed, created, manufactured, and sold by Apple, Incorporated. Apple is located in Cupertino, samsung galaxy s10 plus antutu score California and has been around since 1976.

Who invented the apple company?
Answer: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created the Apple Company.

Who owns apple company?
Apple Inc. is a publicly traded company owned by its shareholders

What is Apple computers' parent company?
Apple is a multinational corporation and does not have a parent company.

What date was apple company invented?
The Apple Company was founded on April 1st 1976.

Who are competitor companies to HTC?
Apple, LG, Sony, samsung galaxy s10 antutu score, galaxy a10 antutu score and recently oppo antutu score are the competitors of the company called HTC.

In an apple flower which part will turn into an apple?
It depends on which apple the apple fruit or the Apple company

How can you telephone the Apple Computer Company?
There is no Apple Computers anymore they are just called Apple Inc now. They are a large international company with numerous points of contact around the globe. Their website provides various contact telephone numbers, email and postal addresses. Which one you use will depend on your location and the nature of your query.

When was the iPhone company founded?
There is no such company, iPhone is a product, not a company. The company that makes iPhones is Apple. It was incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc. on January 3, 1977, and Samsung Galaxy A20 Antutu was renamed as Apple Inc. on January 9, 2007.

From where did apple company got their name?
Although the answer is not 100% known. Before working at Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs was a poor farm worker. He spent many years of his life working in Apple Farms, in California, growing and picking apples. This would have had a big impact on his life and the name of his company. The first commercial computer from Apple was called Macintosh - it was named this because Macintosh is a breed of apple.

Who bought Apple Co?
No one has bought Apple. They just changed their name from Apple Computer to Apple Incorporated. Apple bought NeXT computer company in 1996 and from that company came OSx.

Did the Apple company sue the Samsung company?
The Apple company and the Samsung company have both filed suits against each other. The larges amount awarded so far is against Samsung Galaxy A20 Antutu. The Samsung company was required to pay the Apple company one billion dollars for infringing on Apple patents. Samsung counter sued and appealed.

When did apple company started?
1976 with Apple I

Ipod is made by which company?
Apple Apple.

How do you get job in company APPLE?
by cintacting apple

Is apple corporate company?
It is Apple Incorporated

Why did jobs name the computer apple?
The computer isn't named apple. The company is. The computer is called a Mac or a Macintosh. Also, it wasn't just Jobs who named the first Apple computer. It was Jobs and Wozzniak. They were both named Steve.

The beatles own record label?
The Beatles formed a company called Apple (not to be confused with the computer and phone company) and several of their later records came with Apple labels. However, they were still signed with EMI at the time and, in fact, the recordings were still EMI recordings.

Why or how did apple the apple company start?
The Apple company was started by Mr. Steve Jobs (rest in peace) in his garage. From there, Mr. Jobs added on to his ideas to make the enormous company it is today.

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