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iPhone X could face delays thanks to Face ID

id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> The iPhone X is quickly becoming synonymous with Face ID, which can unlock the phone by scanning your eyes, nose and Galaxy s9 plus specs m10 antutu mouth. That might also be the reason you'll have to wait longer to get Apple's most premium phone.

Enlarge ImageThe 3D depth sensor is just one of the many pieces of tech that make Apple's facial recognition possible.

Screenshot by Juan Garzón/CNET The front-facing 3D sensor that helps make Apple's Face ID stand huawei y6 prime 2019 specs nova 4 antutu out is allegedly facing production difficulties, huawei y9 2018 antutu benchmarking according to a Nikkei Asian Review report. This one part may be slowing down the rate that factories can make the new iPhone, which could limit the number of iPhone Xs that Apple can make, huawei honor 10 lite antutu benchmark or even delay the first round of orders.

Although Apple announced the iPhone X at the same time as the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the X won't go on sale until Nov. 3 -- over a month and a half after the 8's Sept. 22 release. Apple didn't say whether this because it wanted to stagger the sale of the iPhone models or because the iPhone X is taking longer to make, but plenty of reports have claimed the latter.

Now playing: Watch this: Apple explains Face ID on iPhone X 2:35 Nikkei Asian Review reports that two executives working for huawei y9 2018 antutu benchmarking iPhone suppliers said manufacturers are struggling to make enough of the 3D sensors, which could bottleneck the production process. Moreover, the iPhone X will be churned out in small quantities -- in the tens of thousands per day -- versus hundreds of thousands per day. This resembles earlier estimates by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

This could spell bad news for anyone looking to get the iPhone X as soon as it releases. The iPhone launch madness surrounding the release of the 8 seemed tamer than previous years, which could mean that many buyers are holding out for the iPhone X. If that's the case, a high demand and limited supply could mean that lots of people won't get their hands on the X until much later than Nov. 3.
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