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Why is the Apple logo an apple

Because an apple is the perfect logo to represent a company named Apple.

galaxy m30 antutu benchmarkWhy is there an apple on apple macs?
It is because the apple is the logo for Apple Inc. The Apple Logo are Exclusively Licensed to Apple Corps LTD (The Beatles)and Apple Computer copied the Logo. Apple Corps Ltd (The Beatles) took Apple Computer to court,and a deal was reached that Apple Computer could use the Logo has long has it had nothing to do with Musical Content. EMI own the Exclusive rights to the Logo.

Why is the bit of the apple missing on the apple logo?
there is a hole in the apple logo because of the are dominating pears

Why is there an apple on apple computers?
All companies put their company logo on their products. The apple is Apple Inc.'s logo. To symbolize the brand name.

Who really took the bite out of the Apple logo?
The bite on the Apple logo was included so consumers could recognize the logo as an apple instead of other fruits.

What does the apple logo represent?
the logo is an apple because the store is called Apple and in the computer, iPod, iPad,.... has apples on the back

Who designed the computer logo for Apple?
The very first Apple computer logo was created by Ronald Wayne. The current and iconic Apple logo was created by Rob Janoff in 1998. It has evolved from the rainbow apple then to the sleek silhouette apple that we know today.

Why did they give apple ipod an apple logo?
Because it is an Apple product.

What is the Logo of apple?
An apple with a bite taken out of it.

What does Apple logo stands for?
Its an apple. it has no meaning.

Why is there a logo of an apple on the back of your iPod?
The apple is the logo for the Macintosh company that made the iPod.

Why does Mac have an apple logo?
Because Apple is short for Apple Macintosh. In other words a mac is an apple.

How derived the logo of apple?
They used the logo that was used by the Apple recording company - used by the Beatles.

What the Apple Inc logo?
A gray apple with a bite in it.

Who was pictured in the very first Apple Computer logo?
Sir Isaac Newton is featured in the first Apple logo from 1976. The logo shows Newton sitting under an apple tree, and was only used for the Apple I computer. It was almost immediately replaced with a rainbow colored apple with a bite taken out of it.

Why does the apple logo has a bite taken out of it?
The apple logo has a bite taken out of it so that it ins't mistaken for a cherry.

Where is the apple menu on the apple computer?
On the upper left hand corner of the screen you will see an apple logo, that is the apple menu.

What does the symbol of the apple with a bite out of it stand for?
It is the logo for Samsung Galaxy a30 specs Apple Computers.

What is the logo of APPLE company?
the logo is in the name it is a silver apple with a bite taken out of it. why don't you just Google image it.

Who made the apple first apple laptop?
Ronald Wayne designed the very first Apple logo.

Why apple application choose an apple as their logo?
because their namlogoe of the company is apple so that's why they used it as their

Why is the apple on the apple logo bitten?
Cause they worship the devil hence Adam and galaxy a20e specs eve she bit the apple

Where did Apple get its logo?
Actually Apple Computer Inc. Started with logo Of Isaac Newton under a tree and An Apple Falling on his head...........then The Company Started Selling First PC name "Apple"............so from there it got its Name.................

What is logo of MacBook Air?
The apple logo.

What does the Apple logo look like?
The Apple brand logo, found on most of their products, is an apple with a small chunk missing, as though a bite as been taken out of it. It is normally white.

Why did Steve jobs use an apple for his logo?
The first Apple logo was a picture of.Isaac Newton sitting under a tree with an apple dangleing overhead. This lasted until 1976-1998 when it was replaced by a logo of an apple with multicolored stripes. Jobs is reported having wanted colored apple because he wanted to "humanize" the company. The bite is in the apple so it wouldn't be mistaken for a tomato. As Apple developed more products the logo changed with the new products...

What is the logo af apple company?
An apple with a bite out of it's side.

What is symbolised by the iMac logo?
I assume you're referring to the Apple logo. If so, Steve Jobs worked in a apple orchard as a kid. This is where he came up with the name Macintosh referring to the Macintosh Apple. He therefore used the Apple logo for his computers. The I in iMac stands for Internet and the Mac Stands for Macintosh.

How do you change the colour of the apple logo on your MacBook Pro?
The color of the light from the Apple logo can't change on it's own, but you can buy decals to fit on the logo.

Why the bite mark on apple logo?
to make certain that it is an apple but not a cherry - Rob Janoff, designer of Apple Inc.

Why is the apple store an apple?
because it is Apple. the name was not anything strategic, they couldn't think of anything better when the company was founded. The logo is also an apple.

galaxyWhat kind of apple was used for galaxy a8s specs the Beatles' Apple logo?
Granny Smith

Where is your apple menu on the iMac?
Click the Apple logo top left of screen.

Your iPad has a slash through the apple logo?
The line through the boot up Apple logo is a design choice to represent reflection.

What does apple logo mean?
Your question can be read in two different ways. First, what is the meaning of the term "apple logo". It is the corporate symbol of the Apple computer company. Secondly, what is the symbolic meaning of this logo? An apple is a simple, basic part of human existence, and its choice as both the name and corporate logo suggests the desire to make computers a simple, basic part of life as well (which to a...

Why did Apple software choose an apple as their logo?
The company is named "Apple" simply because that is Steve Job's favorite fruit.

Why does most Beatles merchandise have a green apple on it?
The green (Granny Smith) apple is the logo of their company, Apple Corps Ltd..

Why is the apple logo a bitten apple?
There is a bite bitten out of it , to show rememberance of a scientist who ate a cyancide apple , then commited suicide

Who designed the Apple Mac logo?
The Apple Mac logo was designed by Steve Jobs. Jobs was born in 1955 and died in 2011. He was the inventor, co-founder, chair as well as CEO of Apple Inc.

Who took the bite out of Apple's apple?
The designer of Apple logo Rob Janoff, designed apple logo with a bite for people to recognize the logo as an apple instead of other fruits. However, many people still think that byte was mark as reference of how Alan Turing, a computer scientist who suicide in 1954. Read more here... website

Why is a bite on sign of apple company's apple?
Because its there logo... Prehaps they wanted a bite!

What is a colorful apple computer?
A colorful apple computer is a model of the old Macintosh Computer with a colorful apple logo on it, rather than the familiar plain white apple.

What was first Apple inc logo?
Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree but was to complicated so they now just have an apple.

Who took the bite from the apple on the Apple computer logo?
One of the deep mysteries to me is our logo, the symbol of lust and knowledge, bitten into, all crossed with the colors of the rainbow in the wrong order. You couldn't dream a more appropriate logo: huawei honor 20 pro antutu benchmark lust, knowledge, hope and anarchy. - Jean-Louis Gasée, former CTO of Apple Computer The Apple logo is one of the most recognizable icons in the world. To look at the symbolism of the logo, it seems to represents...

What does the apple represent on the iPhone?
An apple is the companies logo (their company picture dirt of) so the apple is just kinda saying apple made this it's kinda like advertising.

galaxyWhy did apple choose an apple as there logo?
because it is the favourite fruit of the founder of the company, Steve Jobs.

Do all iPods have apple on the back?
Yes, all iPods should have the Apple logo on the back.

How do you find version of mac os on MacBook?
Click on the apple logo on the top right, then click about this mac, the version number will be under the Grey apple logo

What year was the iPod logo designed?
Although there has been extensive research done there does not appear to be a definitive answer as to when the iPod logo was designed. The Apple logos were designed as Sir Isaac Newton under an apple tree which was almost immediately replaced with a rainbow striped apple in 1976. In 1998 it changed to the black apple. The iPod was introduced in 2001 so the logo was designed sometime after 2001.

Why is Apple called apple?
Actually Apple Computer Inc. Started with logo Of Isaac Newton under a tree and An Apple Falling on his head...........then The Company Started Selling First PC name "Apple"............so from there it got its Name..................

How do you make apple symbol using keyboard?
shift+option+K =  (apple logo) hope that helps

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